Competition Team

As well as regional and national competitions, as a team, we also have many other performance opportunities. Our team has performed, and participated in dance workshops, danced at Walt Disney World in Florida four times , and went on a European tour. Studio members toured Germany, Austria & France. They performed at the Uferfestival at Lake Constance, Western Town Pullmann City for a performance in the American History Show and finally a performance for our troops at Grafenwohr during the German American Volkfest. The Mayor of Grafenwohr then gave us a reception at the Town Hall. What a lifetime memory for these dancers!




2021 Season

Back and stronger than ever! 

Hush Hush (Teen small group Jazz)

1st Place- Backstage 

8th Place- EPC

Amazing Grace (Teen small group Tap)

6th Place- Backstage

Artistic Expressions Award- Backstage 

Love Runs Out (Teen Large group Jazz)

2nd Place- EPC

 Welcome Home (Teen small group lyrical)

4th Place- Backstage

5th Place- EPC

Fierce (Junior Small group Jazz)

1st Place- EPC

4th Place- Backstage

Ritz (Junior Small group Tap)

5th Place- Backstage

6th Place- EPC

Mille (Junior Small group Tap)

5th Place- EPC

You Can't Stop the Girl( Junior Small Group Lyrical)

Marina (Teen Lyrical Solo) 

1st Place- EPC

Elite Entertainment Award- EPC

Elite Dancer- EPC

5th Place- Backstage

Eccentric "It" award- Backstage 

7th Place- DI

"Glory of the Story"- Dancers Inc

Marina (Teen Modern Solo)

Maddie (Teen Lyrical Solo)

1st Place- EPC

1st Place- Backstage

Scholarship Winner- Backstage 

Angelina (Teen Lyrical Solo)

5th Place- EPC

Fierce Focus- Dancers Inc

Angelina (Teen Tap Solo) 

Crisp and Clean Award- EPC

8th place- Backstage

Breathe of Fresh Air Away- Dancers Inc

Lauren (Teen Lyrical Solo)

2nd Place- EPC

3rd Place- Backstage

Yvonne Bruno Award- Backstage 

Lauren (Teen Jazz Solo) 

5th Place Backstage 

Kaitlyn (Teen Tap Solo)

1st Place- Backstage

3rd Place- EPC

Scholarship Winner- Backstage 

Felisha (Junior Lyrical Solo)

2nd Place- EPC

5th Place- Dancers Inc

Nina (Junior Jazz Solo) 

5th Place- EPC

Sign of the Times (Angelina & Maddie Lyrical duo)

1st Place- Backstage

1st Place- EPC

Magnetized Award- Backstage

A Little Bit too Much (Avarie & Avery Jazz Duo)

1st Place- Backstage

8th Place- EPC

Backstage Performance Team- Kaitlyn, Angelina, Lauren, Maddie, Lauren, Marina 

2019 Season

"Small  but  MIGHTY"






Shake a Tail Feather (Petite small group jazz)

1st Place- Power of Dance

5th Place- Breakout

Choreography Award- Power of Dance

Million Dreams (Petite small group lyrical)

2nd Place- Dancers Inc

3rd Place- Breakout

4th Place- Power of Dance

Perfect Petite Allegro- Breakout

Awesome Smile Award- Dancers Inc

Sea Cruise (Petite small group tap)

2nd Place- Power of Dance

Anything is Possible (Junior small group lyrical)

2nd Place- Power of Dance

2nd Place- Dancers Inc

1st in category- Breakout

6th place- Breakout

Emotional execution- Breakout

Dr. Jazz (Junior small group jazz)

1st Place- Power of Dance

Light Up The Stage Award- Power of Dance

6th Place- Breakout

Fire Under My Feet (Junior small group tap)

3rd Place- Power of Dance

5th Place- Dancers Inc

Angelina (Tap Solo)

1st Place- Breakout

Showmanship Award- Breakout

1st Place- Power of Dance

Ms. Tween Power of Dance Title Winner

Power Pac Dancer Invite

Maddie (Lyrical Solo)

1st Place- Breakout

1st Place- Power of Dance

Ms. Teen Power of Dance Title Winner

Power Pac Dancer Invite

Lauren (Open Acro Solo)

3rd Place- Power of Dance

5th Place- Dancers Inc. 

Fun and Flexible Award- Dancers Inc

6th Place- Breakout

Power Pac Dancer Invite

Marcella (Contemporary and Jazz Solo)

Own the Stage Award- Power of Dance

Power Pack Invite

10th Place- Dances Inc

Marina (Jazz Solo)

2nd Place- Breakout

3rd Place- Power of Dance

Angelina and Melanny (Lyrical Duo)

1st Place- Power of dance

5th Place- Breakout

Convention Scholarship - Breakout


1st place overall POD- OZ (acro)

1st place overall POD- Walk the Dinosaur (jazz)

3rd place overall Fierce- Walk the Dinosaur

4th place overall Fierce- Oz (acro)

5th place overall- Jumping Jack (Jazz)

6th place overall- Palm Springs (tap)

Wings for Days Award- Happy Feeling (tap)

8th overall- Warriors for peace (lyrical)

8th overall- Monsters (jazz)


Angelina- Ms. Tween POD, 1st overall POD, 7th overall Fierce, Power Pack Dancer, Scholarship Winner (Tap)

Maddie- 2nd overall POD, Grounded Control Award (Lyrical)

Kaitlyn- 3rd overall POD, Beautiful Stage Presence Award (lyrical)

Lauren- 5th overall POD (Jazz)

Marina- 6th overall POD, Excellent focus award (Jazz) 

Marcella- 10th overall POD, Fierce dancer (Advanced Contemporary)


Bossa Nova- Junior Line

3rd Overall- BTS

Joy Of Dance Award- BTS

9th Overall- Legacy

Made for The Stage Award- BTS Nationals

Faith- Junior Small Group Jazz

3rd Overall- Legacy

Excellence Award- Highest Jazz- Legacy

6th Overall- BTS

Optimistic Voices- Mini Sm Group Tap

1st Overall- BTS

Cute and Classy- BTS

Ultimate Precision Award- BTS

3rd Overall- Legacy

So Fabulous, So Fierce- Mini Sm Group Jazz

8th Overall- Legacy

Stars- Junior Sm Group Lyrical

5th Overall- Legacy

6th Overall- BTS

Choreography Award- BTS

Feet Don't Fail Me now- Teen Tap

9th Overall- Dancers Inc

10th Overall- BTS

Disco Days- Teen Tap

8th Overall- BTS


Queen B- Teen Jazz

6th Overall- Dancers Inc

Yes! Fringe Award

7th Overall- BTS


Bibbity Bobbity Boo- Mini Tap Trio
1st Overall- Dancers Inc.
1st Place- Starbound
3rd Overall- BTS
On Your Feet- Junior Prodution
3rd Overall- BTS
Ultimate Crowd Pleaser- BTS
Moi Caliente Judges Award- Dancers inc
Gift of a Friend- Junior Lyrical Group
1st Overall- BTS
5th Overall- Dancers Inc.
Costume Award
Lovely Lines/ Lifted Spirits Judges Award
Linda- Tap Solo
9th place Overall- BTS
Tuneful Tap Awards
Angelina- Tap Solo
2nd Place Petite Solo Overall
Rockin' Rhythm Judges Award
Caroline- Jazz/ Contemporary Solos
Judges Award- BTS
Opening Number invite
Lovely lines Judges award- Dancers inc.
Marina- Jazz Solo
3rd Place Overall- Dancers Inc.

The Sun Will Come Out- Junior Production


Impact award

6th Overall (Nationals)

Ultimate Showmanship Award

All-Star Ultimate Dance Off Contestant

Shoo Fly Pie- Mini Small Group Tap


1st Overall


Wonton Boogie- Junior Large Group Tap

1st Overall- BTS

Judges Award- BTS

Elite Top 3- Starbound

Choreography Award- NDS


Shoo Fly Pie- Mini Small Group Tap

2nd Place Overall- BTS

Judges Award- BTS

Watch Me- Mini Small Group Jazz

1st Place Overall- BTS

Super Splits Award- Starbound


Girlz Just Wanna- Mogan, Melissa & Brianna Senior Tap Duo 

6th Place Overall- BTS

Star Champions- NDS


Rhythm- Junior Small Group Tap

6nd Place Overall- BTS


Uptown Funk- Junior Large Group Jazz

8th Place Overall- BTS

Silence Worth Breaking- Teen Small Group Lyrical

9th Place Overall- BTS

Senior Dance Off Contestant

Dancing In the Streets

Impact Award- NDS

"Absolutely Entertaining" Award- NDS

Platinum- NDS

NDS Dance-Off Contestant

1st Overall Teen Production- POD

Diamond Award- POD

Platinum/ 2nd Overall- BTS

2nd Overall- NDS

3rd Place Overall

Choreoraphy Award

Showmanship Award

Most Entartaining Judges Award

Junior Dance-Off Competitor

Broken- Contemporary


"Attention to Detail" Award- NDS

1st Overall- NDS

1st Overall -POD

3rd Overall- BTS

Diamond- POD

Platinum- NDS

Platinum- BTS