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Competition Team

As well as regional and national competitions, as a team, we also have many other performance opportunities. Our team has performed, and participated in dance workshops, danced at Walt Disney World in Florida four times , and went on a European tour. Studio members toured Germany, Austria & France. They performed at the Uferfestival at Lake Constance, Western Town Pullmann City for a performance in the American History Show and finally a performance for our troops at Grafenwohr during the German American Volkfest. The Mayor of Grafenwohr then gave us a reception at the Town Hall. What a lifetime memory for these dancers!




2021 Season

1st Place

Hush Hush, Jazz- Backstage

Fierce, Junior Jazz- EPC

Maddie, Teen Lyrical Solo- EPC and Backstage

Kaitlyn, Teen Tap Solo- BTS and Backstage

Angelina & Maddie Lyrical Duo- Backstage & EPC

2nd Place

Hush Hush, Teen Jazz- BTS

Love Runs Out- Teen Jazz- EPC

Lauren, Teen Lyrical Solo- EPC

Felisha, Junior Lyrical Solo- EPC

3rd Place

Love Runs Out, Teen Jazz- BTS

Lauren, Teen Lyrical Solo- Backstage

Nina, Junior Jazz Solo- BTS

Angelina & Maddie Lyrical Duo- BTS

Special Awards

Amazing Grace, Teen Tap- Artistic Expressions Award- Backstage M

Maddie, Teen Lyrical Solo- Scholarship Winner- Backstage 

Maddie, Teen Lyrical Solo- Solo Standout- BTS

Angelina, Teen Lyrical Solo- Fierce Focus- Dancers Inc

Angelina, Teen Tap Solo- Crisp and Clean Award- EPC

Angelina, Teen Tap Solo- Breathe of Fresh Air Away- Dancers Inc

Lauren, Teen Lyrical solo- Yvonne Bruno Award- Backstage 

Kaitlyn, Teen Tap Solo- Scholarship Winner- Backstage

Sign of the Times (Angelina & Maddie Lyrical duo)

      Magnetized Award- Backstage

      Convention Scholarship- BTS

Backstage Performance Team- Kaitlyn, Angelina, Lauren, Maddie, Lauren 

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