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Parent & Student Testimonials

I started to dance at Ms. Doreen's Fabulous Feet when I was 3 years old. My mom thought I should try dance because she thought it would be a fun activity for me to do. My mom chose MDFF because my cousin Emma went there. For the first year, I only took ballet. Then at my first recital, I saw the "Under the Sea" acro dance and knew I wanted to take more classes. Now I take ballet, tap, acro, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. I also do Nutcracker and am on the competition team and I love it all. The reason I stay at MDFF is that it's like my home away from home. Most of my best friends are also at MDFF. That's why I dance at MDFF.


By: Angelina Coreschi

Ms Doreen's Fabulous Feet has been our home away from home for the past ten years. As our daughter is beginning her final year, we cannot imagine life without seeing our extended family every week! For ten years, our daughter has been given the opportunity do what she loves, dance and perform in a safe and loving environment. The studio is about so much more than dance. Our daughter has accomplished so much being a part of the Fabulous Feet Dance Team. Over the years, we have seen her dance ability continue to flourish. She has become a confident young woman, has made lifelong friends and has become a master of time management! Thank you Ms. Doreen and your entire staff for exposing our daughter to her one true passion - dance!


Adrienne and Frank Brattole


Fabulous Feet has been a "fabulous" experience for my daughter in every possible way! My daughter has enjoyed dancing with Fabulous Feet for 9 1/2 years.  Right from the start, it was easy for me to see that Miss Doreen is committed to providing the very best dance education, from teaching the basics to all advanced levels of dance. Come to just one recital or Nutcracker performance and you will see for yourself! MDFF dancers always stand out with technical ability, class, and age-appropriate choreography. Through MDFF my daughter has learned to work hard to achieve her goals and have an absolutely AMAZING time with dance!


-Wendy DiMaggio



Friendship, love, and teamwork -- these three words describe Miss Doreen's Fabulous Feet School of Dance.  I have been dancing since age 2 1/2 at Miss Doreen's and have grown to know and love all of my team members. Our team is always in it together! The teachers are always doing things to get us closer.  I started competition last year and my friends were there to help and support me. From head to toe, Miss Doreen's is the place to be!


- Caroline DiMaggio




My daughter has been going to Ms Doreen’s Fabulous Feet since she was 3 and she loves it. Since there are so many dance studios in our town (5 within 2 miles), you have your choice of where to go at any time and we choose MDFF. First, all the dancers and their parents are wonderful here. Everyone is like family. I know personally, how so many studios have “dance moms” personalities. There is not and never has been, a single parent or child at MDFF that is rude. Everyone is wonderful and I believe that if you aren’t having fun, then there is no point in going. Second, the dance instruction from Ms Doreen and her staff is excellent. Ms. Doreen is incredibly patient with her students, is very encouraging, and is a great teacher. I’ve taken her adult tap class for many years and she is so patient with us clutzy, uncoordinated adults! We just have a blast in class! The studio is especially strong in ballet, pointe, and tap. They do an annual Nutcracker and also have an award winning competition team. My daughter actually was the 1st place National Champion for the jazz solo category at Power of Dance Nationals in 2017. Her group dances have won 1st place many times as well. On a side note and in a separate but related activity, I also credit the great MDFF instruction with my daughter being the NJ STATE USAIGC gymnastics floor champ 2 years in a row. She is a floor and balance beam event specialist and is 1st place material because of MDFF. She’s been a dancer for 8 years and a gymnast for 1.5 years and that is why I can legitimately say that MDFF is the reason she is a state champion gymnast. The MDFF acrobatics teachers are fantastic! Finally, Ms. Doreen is incredibly flexible and accommodating, always trying to make schedules work for her students. While we probably confuse her like crazy, she always is accommodating. We highly recommend MDFF!





I have two daughters who dance at Fabulous Feet. Angelina is 16 years old and has been dancing at Fabulous Feet since she was 3 years old. Michaela is 12 years old and started dancing at Fabulous Feet when she was 4. I have watched both girls develop strong technique and become more confident in themselves each year. They are given the opportunity to perform frequently throughout the year to show case what they have learned. In addition to the annual recital, they participate in the winter parade, the Nutcracker Suite performed each December, and they are both members of the Fabulous Feet Competition Team. Both girls have found a second home at Fabulous Feet and have made true friendships through dance. They have received an excellent foundation in dance and the studio is a safe space for them to learn, grow and be appreciated for their individual strengths and talents. Most importantly, they have challenged themselves individually but they have also become part of a supportive and caring family.

Jessica Coreschi.


My daughter danced at Ms. Doreen's Fabulous Feet for 7 years (5th grade through senior year) and is now a sophomore in college, minoring in dance. She became part of the MDFF competition team in high school and dance became an incredible, positive part of her life - just when she needed it most. Ms. Doreen fosters the camaraderie of the MDFF students and raises the bar with top-notch instructors, training and discipline - all delivered with love and a hefty dose of fun. I can't imagine a better dance and life experience for a child - boy or girl - than Ms. Doreen's Fabulous Feet!


Sue Barber

My daughter has been a student for the past 3.5 years. The studio has been a major part in developing her passion in dance. She looks forward to every class and looks up to her instructors as role models. The older students are great examples on how to juggle academics and dance. It’s great to see that the majority of the older students are honor roll students and are well rounded individuals within the community. I would recommend this studio to any parent that wants their child to learn and appreciate the art of dance.


Martha D. 

I have no dance experience whatsoever. How can I raise and encourage a male dancer? As his mom, I need support and guidance as much as he does. I enrolled Tyler at age 3 at Ms. Doreen's Fabulous Feet and now, after sixteen years of dance, he is off to Muhlenberg college to double major in dance and biology on a very generous scholarship. Ms. Doreen has encouraged and fueled his passion for dance and has truly given him wings. Through her, he has competed and won titles. He has learned to choreograph and teach all levels of dance. He has countless hours of community service and has developed incredible work ethic. Her teachers are so extraordinary it is worth peeking at their bios here on her site. She has been an incredible source of support for me as well. As Tyler leaves MDFF, he does so completely prepared for whatever challenges he faces. Ms Doreen's studio has every style of dance at every level so each dancer can have the experience that suits them but we are all part of one MDFF family!


Kelly Holoboski

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